(from pg 09) ..... "The past twenty years has taken me across the world meeting people in six continents from all walks of life. All the dialogues I have held with these people have helped me build a story on climate sustainability that has motivated me to publish this book. In presenting a new thought on ‘Climate Sustainability’, I have been enriched by the people, processes and publications that I have come across. Some relevant information and views of other thinkers were found during the research and these too have been incorporated within the chapters to enhance the dialogue; and it fits well into the notion of a dialogue rather than a monologue. This book is not an end of a dialogue, but essentially the beginning of a new one that aspires to engage more people and processes towards a better world.

(from pg 13) .....
"For anyone who wants to find arguments against the prevailing system on earth, the chapters provide volumes of contemporary critique. Then for the more investigative and research minded people, this is a book that unveils issues which require deeper investigation and applied research. If business wishes to engage in the green economy based transition world and would like to ascertain their role in sustainable enterprises, this book provides some value added propositions as well. Finally, for the climate negotiators, this book will mean a greater challenge than they already have had. It challenges their limits and boundaries in engaging people and their true issues before determining the destinies of humanity on earth."