INTRODUCTION: Rediscovering Climate Sustainability!

(from pg 17) ..... "Climate change is happening! While a few sceptics are still questioning the reality of this phenomenon, the frequency of disasters and changes in the weather patterns are making people think more about climate change on earth. Many of us want to find answers as to how much change has already taken place in the climate, and how much can we control through modified action. The scientists predict that these changes could be drastic, and corrective measures need to be taken now. If not, are we then waiting for the 'Pandora's Box' to be opened by itself?" ................
(from pg 19) ..... "This book is not about defining climate sustainability, but to evoke a broader dialogue on issues surrounding the human challenge of facing climate change. I also challenge the climate negotiation process at the intergovernmental level that continues to ignore the greater realities and demands of the common people on earth. Therefore, I wish to bring to focus many issues that create climate change, and also critically highlight those processes that prevent humans from successfully facing the climate challenge. ...."