Uchita de Zoysa commenced his professional life as an investigative environmental journalist, and then moved on to creating a large civil society alliance in Sri Lanka. This gave him the opportunity to conduct a nationwide public hearing process and formulate the country's first 'Citizens’ Report that was presented to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. He also was a member of the International NGO Steering Committee of the UNCED and subsequently served on the NGO Steering Committee of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. He has authored several international and national reports including the 'Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption', contributed to many books on the environment and sustainability, and has played a leading role in the formulation of global independent sector collective agreements such as the 'The NGO Alternative Treaties' and the “Oslo Declaration on Sustainable Consumption”. Currently, he serves on several organizations and committees to further the cause of sustainability on earth; he is the Chairman of 'Global Sustainability Solutions', Executive Director of the 'Centre for Environment and Development', Convener of the 'Climate Sustainability PLATFORM', Managing Director of D&D Strategic Solutions and is a member of the 'National Advisory Committee on Climate Change' in Sri Lanka. During the past two decades he has travelled widely across the world, participating in the largest UN world summits and has presented papers at more than a hundred meetings as a strong advocate of sustainability. Born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, he lives in Sri Lanka and works towards creating a sustainable world!