CONCLUSION: It has to be Climate Sustainability!

(from pg 167) ..... "Discovering a way to survive in a liveable world cannot and should not be the aspiration and determination of humankind. That is a compromise that we, as a generation, are trying to make on the lives of all future generations. While enjoying the offerings on earth today, we are planning a world of lesser enjoyment for the future humans. If we are only negotiating for a liveable world for our children and their children, then we are demonstrating intrinsically our selfish nature as a generation and it is simply fighting to get the best share for ourselves. ...."

(from pg 167) .....
"The focus of our challenge on earth should not be diluted or diverted towards merely adapting to a liveable world. Even in a world with increased temperature, the future human generations should be able to find wellbeing and happiness. 'Adaptation' involves taking actions to minimise the effects of climate change; the need then is not to compromise on a liveable world but to take necessary action to create prosperity. The danger of the compromised approach suggests that we humans will suffer in a 2°C temperature rise. Humans have shown their resilience throughout history and should be able to make a warmer world into a happy planet.".....

(from pg 171) ..... "Just as the Web2.0 had helped the world community to share global knowledge, a technology 2.0 world on a general approach has not happened. ......................"
(from pg 172) ..... "An ‘Earth 3.0’ for me is not about all the connectivity or simplifications of digital lifestyles of humans. It should be a concept of sharing with compassion enabled by systems and processes. By the year 2050 we may require an ‘Earth 5.0" approach and it cannot be a constant technological advancement and sharing dialogue, but essentially a mindfulness platform enabling process. ...."

(from pg 174) .....
"We are utterly lost in destiny and continue to allow the same people, processes, institutions and systems who guided us to this destitution to redesign our futures. If we allow this to happen, then we would be responsible for the sufferings of our children as well. Climate change has also provided the humans a historical opportunity to act as one species, and the act needs to be mindful this time. ....."