(from pg 177) ..... " This book shares the sufferings of billions of people and the frustrations of many sustainability campaigners in an ailing world. With all the talk about sustainable development for the past four decades, the opportunity and space for an inclusive public dialogue still do not exist in the official processes. The international climate change process is no different; and the dialogues are limited to small groups of international citizens while the rest of the world is an audience. ...."

(from pg 178) ..... "Climate justice is a critically important aspect in lobbying for the rights of a majority of people who are the potential victims of climate change. It helps to keep the global negotiations in a balance, and also provides a window of hope that the poor and powerless will not be allowed to suffer without a fight. But, then how do we break the impasse between the developed and developing countries that are entangled in a deadlock of climate talks. While the movements for climate justice effectively strengthen the bargaining power of the global south to demand for more benefits from a global climate agreement, I also wish to see the climate justice movements driving a more active stance than talking to create a better bargain for the poor." .....

(from pg 181) ..... "It is also meaningless just to engage in climate dialogues if the participants lack mindfulness. Therefore, the need is to engage all people, different groups, sectors, communities and individuals in a mindfulness dialogue on climate sustainability. Such mindfulness can only help us see through the issues clearly and face them respectfully keeping all aspects and effects in mind. Therefore, while we talk about climate mitigation, climate adaptation, climate financing and climate technology transfer, we need to discuss a pathway that can bring us to a shared vision. ....."