Book Launched in Copenhagen at the UN Climate Summit
On 3 December 2009, the people's preparations for the UN Climate Summit, COP15, came to life at the Øksnehallen in Copenhagen, with the launching of the hard-hitting book "It has to be CLIMATE SUSTAINABILITY" by the internationally acclaimed sustainability Campaigner Uchita de Zoysa. The launch of the book was organised by the Climate sustainability PLATFORM and was ceremoniously presented to a large international gathering at the Copenhagen Climate Exchange.

The Author of the book, Uchita de Zoysa says: "Climate change is a destiny determining phenomenon and all people need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. But, half of the world's population remains under poverty and is being deprived of their rights towards the basic human needs. Meanwhile, the wasteful lifestyles and irresponsible behaviour of the rich and powerful continues to endanger the life of all humans on earth. A small privileged group continues to negotiate for a climate deal and they separately talk about the sustainability of the planet. By marginalising rest of the population in determining their own destinies, they have left us in destitution. A new world order is emerging, but the people are not involved in designing of it as well. A better world order needs to be created upon the mindful aspirations of the people; and should essentially be based on equitable opportunities for all to find peace, prosperity, sustainability, wellbeing and happiness. Then, it has to be climate sustainability!”

A dialogue on the topic of the book was followed with a panel discussion that included international sustainability experts Jeffrey Barber (USA), Souleymane Bassoum (Senegal), Gopal Jain (India), Victor Ricco (Argentina) and Indrani Thuraisingham (Malaysia). The invited participants of the dialogue also included renowned scientists, civil society leaders and sustainable entrepreneurs from all continents of the world. The dialogue also marked the launching of the Climate Sustainability PLATFORM, which demanded a binding 'International Agreement on Climate Sustainability' to be initiated by the world leaders meeting in Copenhagen for the UNFCCC COP15.

Uchita de Zoysa is a free thinker, outspoken orator, branded radical, sustainable enterprise promoter and a committed campaigner who has dedicated his life towards creating a sustainable world. He has travelled across the globe during the past two decades to attend the largest global summits and to speak at over a hundred international meetings.